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Λεξικό .. Wall rocket (Diplotaxis erucoides)

Wall rocket (Diplotaxis erucoides), Ρόκα η Εύκαμπτη. As an influence of the Mediterranean diet, rocket species such as Eruca sativa L., Diplotaxis species, and Bunias orientalis L. are eaten all over the world at different ontogenic stages in salads and soups. They are all species within the plant order Capparales (glucosinolate-containing species), and all are from the family Brassicaceae. Predominantly, the leaves of these species are eaten raw or cooked, although Eruca flowers are also consumed [1].

Wall rocket (Diplotaxis erucoides) is a common Crucifera plant that grows in European and American vineyards and olive groves. We present the cases of 2 farmers with rhinoconjunctivitis and asthma related to wine-growing tasks during D erucoides pollination (March-April). Brito FF, et al demonstrated that occupational symptoms were caused by D erucoides pollen sensitization.

Cutaneous tests, specific IgE measurements, conjunctival and bronchial provocation tests, and peak-flow measurements during working days were performed.


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