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Λεξικό .. Phlyctenular keratoconjunctivitis

Phlyctenular keratoconjunctivitis

Phlyctenular keratoconjunctivitis is a type IV hypersensitivity reaction to an inciting agent. The presentation is usually bilateral. The diagnosis can be difficult, especially if compounded by an underlying skin disorder such as rosacea. The 2 types of phlyctenules are differentiated based on the location on the eye, i.e., conjunctival or corneal. Phlyctenular keratoconjunctivitis usually responds well to topical steroids, but any inciting agents should be identified and treated. Complications include corneal scarring, thinning, and perforation. Staphylococcus aureus is a common culprit, and tuberculosis as a possible cause should also be considered.


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