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Phadia CAP System FEIA: The Phadia CAP System FEIA is a commercial method for quantification of specific IgE The CAP System FEIA employs a type of "architecture" whereby the allergen of interest is covalently bound to a hydrophilic carrier polymer, encased in a capsule, which catches all allergen-specific IgE in the sample. Allergen-specific IgE is detected directly with a combination of polyclonal and monoclonal anti-IgE (F c) antibodies labeled with beta-galactosidase, generating fluorescence. 2006, tests for anti-beta-lactam IgE antibody in patients with total IgE > 500 kU/l were probably often false positive. Patients who were diagnosed as penicillin allergic before 2006 solely on the basis of a positive CAP FEIA test for specific IgE should be considered for diagnostic reevaluation.


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