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Paracetamol and astma

Intake of paracetamol has been associated with development of asthma. Thomsen SF et al using a multidisciplinary postal questionnaire survey concerning health and lifestyle prospectively studied 19,349 adult twins enrolled in the nationwide Danish Twin Registry.

There was a higher prevalence of new-onset asthma in subjects who reported frequent intake of paracetamol at baseline compared with subjects without this determinant (12.0% vs. 4.3%), OR = 3.03 (1.51-6.11), p = 0.005. The result remained significant after adjusting for sex, age, smoking, BMI, hay fever, eczema, and intake of medications other than paracetamol, OR = 2.16 (1.03-4.53), p = 0.041. Frequent intake of paracetamol is an independent risk factor for adult-onset asthma.

Thomsen SF, Kyvik KO, Skadhauge L, Steffensen I, Backer V. Intake of paracetamol and risk of asthma in adults. J Asthma. 2008 Oct;45(8):675-6

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