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Λεξικό .. Linden (Tilia cordata) pollen allergy

Linden (Tilia cordata) pollen allergy

The most representative aeroallergens sensitization in Cova da Beira is an interior central region of Portugal, with a population of 93,000 inhabitants. were grasses mixture (44.9%), D. pteronyssinus (32.5%), D. farinae (29.1%), Olea europea (27.5%), Parietaria judaica (23.4%), cat dander (16.1%), Artemisia vulgaris (17.6%), Robinia pseudoacacia (12.2%), Platanus acerifolia (11.4%), Tilia cordata (11.4%) moulds mixture (11.2%), Plantago lanceolata (10.6%), dog dander (10.4%), and Pinus radiata (7.5%) [1].

The most common positive skin tests among tree pollens were to Oleaceae (59.2 %), Aesculus (57.4 %); and Tilia (42.5 %) despite low pollen counts. Chenopodiaceae (88 %) and Plantago (63 %) were the most sensitised weed pollens, with high pollen counts. All patients had significant symptoms during May and June. CONCLUSION: Although Gramineae pollens seem to be major allergens for seasonal allergic rhinitis in Ankara, the particular role of tree pollens and weed pollens cannot be discarded on symptom development in sensitised patients [2].

The most common positive skin test among the pollens was to cultivated wheat (Titicum vulgare) (n = 116, 21,5%), followed by rye grass (Lolium perenne) and orchard grass (Dactylis glomerata). Positive skin reactions to Alternaria, to Candida albicans, and to all pollens except Ulmus competris, Pinus sylvetris, Platanus vulgaris and Tilia platyphyllos, were higher in children with allergic rhinitis than in those with asthma[3].

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