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House dust mite asthma

Asthma severity among mite-sensitized individuals appears to be related to the degree of mite allergen exposure[1]. The documented increase in asthma has been almost entirely in perennial asthma and a large proportion of the cases are allergic to one of the common allergens found all year round in houses, i.e. house dust mites, cats, dogs or cockroaches. In population and case-control studies sensitization to one of these allergens is the strongest risk factor for asthma (adjusted odds ratios > or = 4).[2].

the majority of children admitted to hospital with exacerbations of asthma were exposed to house dust mite allergen and were house dust mite sensitive. Further the results suggest that continued exposure to higher concentrations of mite allergen may be associated with the risk of readmission.[3]. In addition to genetic factors, exposure in early childhood to house-dust mite allergens is an important determinant of the subsequent development of asthma.[4]


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