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Honey bee venom Allergens

Crossed immutioelectrophoresis (CIE) glass slides of honey bee venom showing 18 immunoprecipitates were used in crossed radioimmunoelectrophoresis (CRIE) experiments with sera from 25 patients allergic to honey bee venoms. Phospholipase A, acid phosphatase, hyaluronidase and melittin were demonstrated in the immunoprecipitates during zymograpbic techniques and direct hemolysis of sheep erythrocytes. The CRIE experiments verified the allergenicity of these proteins. In addition, another antigen (Ag-1) with allergenic activity was identified. This allergen is probably identical to the previously described allergen C in honey bee venom. The presence and complexity of multiple forms of the known allergenic proteins in honey bee venom, was well illustrated in the CIE/CRIF system employed.


Aukrust L, Einarsson R, Ohman S, Johansson SG. Crossed radioimmunoelectrophoretic studies of bee venom allergens. Allergy. 1982 May;37(4):265-71.

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