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Fishing bait

Prevalence of allergy to live fish bait in occupationally exposed workers has been described. Asticot maggot (Blowfly, Calliphoridae family) is the most important live bait used for angling in Spain [1].  Commercially available asticot, in Cáceres (Spain), is composed by P. terraenovae larvae (Diptera. Calliphoridae). A 7 % prevalence of P. terraenovae allergy in amateur fishermen of Cáceres was obtained. The allergenic potential of P. terraenovae seems to be greater than that of other blowflies and L. terrestris. The Skin prick test (SPT)  with P. terraenovae extract is a very sensitive and specific technique in the diagnosis of live bait allergy in fishermen [1].

Porcel Carreño S, Pineda de la Losa F, Frontera Carrión E, Rodríguez Martín E, Ramos Cantariño A, Sánchez González A, Rodríguez Trabado A, Jiménez Timón S, Alvarado Arenas M, Medina Velasco V, Rodríguez Martín M, Hernández Arbeiza J. Protophormia terraenovae. A new allergenic species in amateur fishermen of Caceres, Spain. Allergol Immunopathol (Madr).2009 Mar-Apr;37(2):68-72

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