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Λεξικό .. Banana

There are 2 main species of Banana: common banana (Musa acuminata), usually eaten raw; and plantain (Musa paradisiaca, Μούσα η παραδείσιος), eaten cooked. Anaphylaxis has been reported after ingestion of Banana. Oral allergy syndrome (itching and swelling in and around the mouth is a characteristic of banana allergy. The symptoms are not always due to IgE. They can be the result of the high content of serotonin found in bananas. Allergy to banana is probably rare. Crossreactivity between banana avocado, kiwi and latex, between banana and ragweed, and between banana and the gourd family (watermelon, zucchini, cucumber has been reported.  Lately, two major allergens in banana have been isolated, characterized and identified as class I chitinases [1]. Callejo, et al (2002) demonstrated by means of blot-inhibition the existence of cross-reactivity between Chenopodium-pollen and banana, melon and/or peach, an observation that what not previously described[2]. Immunoblot inhibition demonstrated that almost all IgE-reactive bands in nitrocellulose-blotted latex, avocado, and banana extracts and two components of 43 and 67 kDa in kiwi fruit shared common IgE epitopes[3]. f92 is the symbol of banana in RAST and CAP system).


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