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Λεξικό .. Bahia grass [(L) Paspalum notatum]

Bahia is a warm season grass acting as a pasture grass in the U.S.A. and fodder in Mexico. It is native to the West Indies and South America and introduced into the USA. It flowers throughout the year. Bahia grass shows cross-reactivity to Johnson grass. In RAST it is symbolized as g17. Bahia grass is a significant aeroallergen, which in some subjects can be demonstrated not to cross-react with timothy.


Phillips JW, Bucholtz GA, Fernandez-Caldas E, Bukantz SC, Lockey RF. Bahia grass pollen, a significant aeroallergen: evidence for the lack of clinical cross-reactivity with timothy grass pollen. Ann Allergy. 1989 Dec;63(6 Pt 1):503-7. Comment in:Ann Allergy. 1990 Dec;65(6):496.

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