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Λεξικό .. B-lymphocytes (B-l’s, bursa equivalent l’s)

Small lymphocytes derived from stem cells and differentiated in the bursa of Fabricius in birds and in the mammalian bursal equivalent tissue (gut associated lymphoid tissue, fetal liver,  and bone marrow). In humans, the bone marrow is the site of intense lymphocyte proliferation that leads to the production of B lymphocytes that quickly leave the marrow and travel to the peripheral lymphoid tissue.

There the B lymphocytes may meet an appropriate antigen, macrophage processed antigen, or mitogens, become stimulated to divide and differentiate into large lymphocytes, which may become antibody-producing plasma cells actively manufacturing antibodies. B lymphocytes are plentiful in areas of antibody production such as the germinal centers of lymph nodes and diffuse lymphoid tissue of the gastrointes-lymphocyte, helper or helper.

T cell or T helper cell.  A type of T-lymphocyte that enhances antibody production by B  ells and plasma cells or augments a cell-mediated immune reaction. (See Lymphocytes).

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