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Acarosan, Acarosan. Trade name of the acaricide benzyl benzoate. It is performed as a powder (USA/Europe) and foam (Europe). In aerosol foam and as a moist powder remains active against mites for a year. Acarosan not only kills mites and their larvae but also it eliminates the dust mite allergen from carpets. The moist powder binds with mites and their waste products, preventing the particles from becoming airborne. When dry, the treated surface can be thoroughly vacuumed. Acarosan treatment will not work well unlless the manufacturer's recommendations are meticulously followed [1].

The residual effect of a commercial spray containing 2.0% benzyl benzoate against Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus was evaluated in the laboratory. Filter papers treated with benzyl benzoate were dried for 2 hours and placed in Petri dishes. Adult mites were then added and mortality was assessed following 24 hour contact and at succeeding 4 weeks intervals up to week 28 post-treatment using the same treated filter papers. There was 100% mortality at 24 hours post-treatment, declining progressively to 71% by week 28. Probit analysis estimated a median lethal time (LT50) of 59 weeks [2].

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