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Chemicals that can kill dust mites in laboratory and many that are used to control mites in agriculture. Several acaricides have been marketed for use in houses and despite varying results, significant reduction of allergen levels have been reported using benzyl benzoate, Pyrethroids, pirimphos methyl, Natamycin, liquid nitrogen, benzyl alcohol and tannic acid. With each preparation a significant percentage of sites showed little effect i.e. less than 50% reduction, and all preparations would require reapplication at intervals of 1-2 months. Most of the acaricides are considered to be safe (for killing house dust mites) and there is no difficulty recommending them to treat the house of mite allergic patient with asthma. It has been disappointing that no universally effective chemical treatment has been developed to treat mites. This is not because of the lack of effective acaricides, but because of the difficulty in applying these chemicals to upholstered furniture or carpets [1]..


Trials to date have on the whole been small and of poor methodological quality, making it difficult to offer any definitive recommendations on the role, if any, of house dust mite avoidance measures in the management of house dust mite sensitive perennial allergic rhinitis. The results of these studies suggest that use of acaricides and extensive bedroom based environmental control programmes may be of some benefit in reducing rhinitis symptoms and, if considered appropriate, these should be the interventions of choice. Isolated use of house dust mite impermeable bedding is unlikely to prove effective [2].

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