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Λεξικό .. Acacia gum (Gum Arabic) or Senegal or Sudan gum

Acacia gum (Gum Arabic) or Senegal or Sudan gum

A gum collected from Acacia trees (e.g. Acacia Senegal) of the tropical Africa, after stripping small pieces of the bark. Gum arabic is comprised of various sugars and glucuronic acid residues in a long chain of galactosyl units with branched oligosaccharides. Gum arabic is generally recognized as safe as a direct food additive. Little information is available to characterize the extracts of other Acacia plant parts or material from other species [4]. Gum arabic has several uses in the food industry, as thickening agent, emulsifier, and stabilizer, in cosmetics, lithography, the manufacture of inks and adhesives, the textile industry and the production of galactose.

Occupational sensitisations to gum arabic have been described for individuals working in the lithography (printer’s asthma) and pottery industries. Allergy to gum arabic is mediated preferentially by IgE antibodies directed to polypeptide chains of gum Arabic [1]. The gum arabic protein has shown only very weak participation in the IgE reactivity. Due to the repetitive polysaccharide sequence of gum arabic, several epitopes for the cross-linking of IgE should exist [2].

Gum arabic is a food additive (E414) used in cake icings, puddings, sherbets, ice cream, candies, sweets and several diabetic preparations. After challenge with gum containing foods is reported to induce laryngeal edema. In kidney-transplant patients has caused allergic reactions when administered in tablet formations (e.g. prednisolone) [3].




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