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Dictionary of Allergies .. Kiwi fruit (Chinese gooseberry; Actinidia chinensis)

Kiwi fruit (Chinese gooseberry; Actinidia chinensis)

Kiwi fruit has been reported to cause allergic symptoms (anaphylaxis, angioedema), in highly sensitive patients. Pollen allergic persons seem to be prone to develop allergy to kiwi fruit.F84 is the symbol of kiwi fruit in RAST[1]. Kiwi fruit is an important source of food allergens, the number and relevance of which are still the object of investigation[2]. Palacin A, et al (2008) isolated Act d 1, Act d 2 and Act d 3, the major kiwifruit allergens and explored their relevance by in vitro and in vivo methods in a large group (n=92) of kiwi-sensitized patients with different clinical symptoms. Severe symptoms after kiwi ingestion are associated with high IgE levels to Act d 1 and Act d 3. They performed double-blind, placebo-controlled, food challenges to kiwi in 52 of them. By N-terminal amino acid sequencing and molecular size and glycosylation analysis they isolated and characterized the three major IgE-binding proteins from kiwifruit extracts. 

The allergenic potency of the three kiwi allergens, and of avocado Pers a 1 as a model allergen associated with the latex-fruit syndrome, was tested by specific IgE quantitation, immunodetection assays and SPTs. The isolated kiwifruit allergens were identified as actinidin Act d 1, glycosylated thaumatin-like Act d 2 and a novel 40 kDa glycoprotein designated as Act d 3.02. Specific IgE to each of the three allergens was found in over 60% of sera from kiwi-sensitized patients, and Act d 1 and Act d 2 induced positive SPT responses in over 50% of the tested patients. A significant link between IgE levels to Act d 1 and Act d 3 and anaphylaxis was uncovered. Avocado Pers a 1 showed an in vitro sensitization prevalence of around 45%, but a low in vivo reactivity[3].


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