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Goat's milk (GM) allergy

Goat's milk (GM) allergy not associated with allergy to cow's milk (CM) is a rare disorder. Caseins have been implicated has the major allergens eliciting symptoms e.g.  urticaria related to ingestion of goat's cheese (GC).  The sensitive patients to goat’s milk  usually tolerate  CM, dairy products and sheep cheese.  Skin tests are  positive to GM and GC. Immunoblot showes an IgE-binding 14 kDa band that is  totally inhibited after serum pre-incubation with GM. Allergens other than casein can be involved in allergy to GM. Even small quantities of protein can elicit symptoms [1].

Sheep casein shows a high degree of cross-reactivity with goat casein but not with cow casein. The patients may present  allergic symptoms caused by sheep and goat milk and cheese proteins, but are  able to tolerate cow's milk and cow's milk dairy products without any ill effects [2].

F300 is the symbol of goat milk in ImmunoCAP.


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