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Dictionary of Allergies .. Beta-sympathetic system (beta adrenergic system)

This system plays a critical role in the reversal of the bronchial obstruction. The magnitude of the sympathetic stimulatory effect depends upon the baseline smooth muscle tone, which in turn mainly determined by the parasympathetic system. The sympathetic nervous system inhibits the bronchial obstruction in bronchial responsiveness, whereas influence the recovery after induced broncho-constriction. Szentivanyi (1979) suggested that an inherited or acquired hypofunction of the beta-sympathetic receptor function is the underlying abnormality in asthma and that the ratio of beta and alpha sympathetic receptors to be lower in asthmatics than in healthy controls,  suggesting that a beta-sympathetic hypofunction may partially explain the increased responsiveness of the bronchi.  (See carrot; celery; mugwort).


Szentivanyi, A., et al: Changes in adrenoreceptor densities in membranes of lung tissue and lymphocytes from patients  with atopic disease. Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. 332: 295-298, 1979

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