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Dictionary of Allergies .. Beryllium contact dermatitis

Chemical element added in alloys. Individuals exposed to occupational sources in industry can develop metal dermatitis through the mechanism of irritation and sensitization. Clinically the beryllium dermatitis is manifested with eczematous dermatitis, ulcers, granulomas, and lung disorders. In patch testing is used the beryllium sulphate 0,5-1% in water. Differential diagnosis

is done from other causes of contact dermatitis. Management is that of acute, subacute, or chronic eczematous eruption. It is reported the development of  gingivitis adjacent to the Rexillium III alloy in the  dental prostheses of patients. Patch testing demonstrated positive reactions to beryllium sulfate, a component of the alloy [1]. Chronic beryllium disease is a granulomatous disorder characterized by a cell-mediated immune response to beryllium. Most reports of chronic beryllium disease discuss pulmonary and noncutaneous immunologic findings.

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