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Benzydamine is a well tolerated drug in patients with nimesulide-induced urticaria and it may represent a valid alternative NSAID in nimesulide-sensitive patients[1]. Benzidamine hydrochloride (BNZ) bioadhesive gels as platforms for oral ulcer treatments [2].


1. Nettis, E. et al: Benzydamine: an alternative nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug in patients with nimesulide-induced urticaria. Allergy 2002: 57(5): 442

2. Yaprak Hızarcıoğlu Karavana S, Güneri P, Ertan G. Benzydamine hydrochloride buccal bioadhesive gels designed for oral ulcers: Preparation, rheological, textural, mucoadhesive and release properties. Pharm Dev Technol. 2009 Apr 17.

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