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Drug class Description : Corticosteroids (steroids).

Generic Name : Beclometasone [beclomethasone] dipropionate

Drug description :Becotide: metered dose aerosols. Becotide Rotacaps: buff/clear cap.; 200 microgram brown/clear capsules; 400 microgram dark brown/clear capsules. All single dose capsules marked with capsule name and strength.

Presentation :Becotide: Beclometasone dipropionate 50 micrograms , 100 micrograms , 200 micrograms per dose. Becotide Rotacaps: Beclometasone dipropionate 100 micrograms .

Indications raspberryrophylaxis of bronchial asthma.

Adult Dosage :Becotide: Usually 200 micrograms twice daily. Severe cases, initially 600 - 800 microgram daily, reducing according to response. Total daily dose may be given as two, three or four divided doses. Becotide Rotacaps: 400 microgram twice daily or 200 microgram three or four times daily.

Child Dosage :Becotide: 50 to 100 micrograms two to four times daily or 100 to 200 micrograms twice daily, using Becotide 50 or 100. Becotide Rotacaps: 100 microgram two to four times daily or 200 microgram twice daily.

Special Precautions :Active or quiescent pulmonary tuberculosis. Pregnancy. Transferring from systemic steroids.

Adverse Reactions :Hoarseness, candidiasis of mouth and throat, paradoxical bronchospasm.

Manufacturer :Allen & Hanburys

Drug Availability :(POM)


British National Formulary No. 17 (March 1989), p. 125.

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