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Dictionary of Allergies .. Bay leaf [(L) Laurus nobilis]

Laurel or sweet bay is shrub the dried of which are aromatic and impart a pungent taste when added to foods (soups, stews, sauces) [1]. Non-occupational contact allergy to Laurus nobilis (laurel) oil is considered rare. Herein, we report a case of allergic contact dermatitis after a massage with a mixture of olive oil and L. nobilis oil. Patch testing showed (+++) reactions to laurel oil and (++) to the mixture of olive oil and laurel oil [2]. Cross-sensitization between two plant allergens, Frullania and Laurus Nobilis (L.), has been demonstrated in Strabourg. A review of the haptens isolated from Frullania outlines the importance of the purification of allergen to ascertain the nature of the causative agent. New results on laurel oil point to the possibility of a common denominator (the a-methylene gamga-butyrolactone moiety) between this plant and Frullania; former results are re-interpreted and analyzed[3].

Rf278 is the symbol of Bay leaf in RAST and CAP system.


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