. Allergopedia


Composition: Depot allergoids from house dust-mite allergens for specific hyposensitization / immunotherapy, adsorbed to aluminium hydroxide, preserved with phenol, and suspended in physiological saline solution; water for injection. Standardization takes place in TU (therapeutic units). Strength A: 1,000 TU/ml; strength B: 10,000 TU/ml.

Indications: Allergic (IgE-mediated) diseases such as allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, allergic bronchial asthma, etc., induced by the inhalation of unavoidable mite allergens.

Contraindications: Inadequately controlled or moderate or severe asthma (GINA lll/IV), irreversible changes in the reaction organ, inflammatory/febrile diseases, severe acute or chronic diseases (also malignant diseases), significant cardio­vascular diseases which increase the risk of side effects from epinephrine, multiple sclerosis, diseases of the immune system (autoimmune diseases, immune complex-induced immunopathies, immune defects, etc.), active tuberculosis, severe psychological disorders, treatment with beta-blockers (local, systemic). Special caution in ACE-inhibitor therapy, poor compliance and preg­nancy. Insufficient experience has been gained for application during pregnancy and nursing. Observe contraindications for epinephrine (adrenaline)! In the event of simultaneous vaccination observe intervals as directed.

Side effects: Local and/or systemic reactions (up to anaphylactic shock) must be reckoned with, then stop injections immediately. Delayed local reaction as a visual immune response, fatigue (responsiveness!). The patient has to be kept under observation for at least 30 minutes after treatment. Side effects can occur even hours after treatment. On the day of the injection, strenuous activities should be avoided.

Pharmaceutical form and pack sizes: Suspension for subcutaneous injection: for perennial initial and maintenance therapy,   2 vials of strength A and B, with 3 ml each. For perennial maintenance therapy, 1 vial of strength Β with 3 ml. For additional information on doses, administration etc. see package insert. The        general classification for supply depends on local requirements.