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Allergy to chicken meat

Γρηγορίου Βασίλειος
Ωτορινολαρυγγολόγος, Αθήνα

Chicken (Gallus spp, Raw meat), Kοτόπουλο. It seems that the allergens in the chicken meat are different from the major allergens in hen's egg. The allergens of Galliformes, such as turkey, grouse and squab may demonstrate cross-reactivity. Chicken meat can sensitize several individuals and some of them sooner or later elicit allergic symptoms. Skin prick test can be  positive only for chicken meat.

The patients may demonstrate  serum specific IgE to chicken meat, positive histamine release test, and specific production of sulphidoleukotrienes to chicken meat (Vila L et al, 1998). Basuela et al, (1991) studied of 25 cases of adults with bronchial asthma and rhinoconjunctivitis due to bird feathers. About one-third showed an association of sensitization to egg proteins, with a few patients demonstrating specific IgE antibodies to both egg and chicken meat In a study of children with atopic dermatitis (AD), 21/132 showed positive skin prick test to chicken (Sampson, 1986). An early study also reported correlation between chicken and egg inducing skin prick test reactions in children with AD (Holt, 1965).

Some authors have suggested that the soluble fraction of egg yolk contains chicken serum albumin and that in atopic adults, the albumin may be involved in egg allergy and may also induce a cross-sensitization between egg and chicken proteins (Vouillot, et al 1992). f83 is the symbol of chicken meat on ALLERGO DISCS. Cross-reactivity may probably be found within the poultry group such as goose, squab and turkey.


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