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Αllergy to chicken

Γεωργουλόπουλος Γεώργιος
Otorhinolaryngologist, Director of ENT clinic, of Amalia Fleming General Hospital, Athens, Ωτορινολαρυγγολόγος, Διευθυντής ΩΡΛ Κλινικής του Γεν. Νοσ. Αμαλία Φλέμινγκ, Αθήνα

(Gallus spp, Raw meat), Αλλεργία στο κοτόπουλο.  While allergic reactions to poultry products in the form of feathers and eggs are common, allergic reactions to chicken meat are rare. Despite the popularity of chicken in today's healthy diet, severe reactions after ingesting chicken meat are rarely described (Zacharisen MC.,2006). It seems that the allergens in the chicken meat are different from the major allergens in hen's egg. The allergens of Galliformes, such as turkey, grouse and squab may demonstrate cross-reactivity. Chicken meat can sensitize several individuals and some of them sooner or later elicit allergic symptoms. In a study of children with atopic dermatitis (AD), 21/132 showed positive skin prick test to chicken (Sampson, 1986). An early study also reported correlation between chicken and egg inducing skin prick test reactions in children with AD (Holt, 1965). Some authors have suggested that the soluble fraction of egg yolk contains chicken serum albumin and that in atopic adults, the albumin may be involved in egg allergy and may also induce a cross-sensitization between egg and chicken proteins (Vouillot, et al 1992). Vinegar addition during the cooking process may decrease lentil and chicken allergenicity (Armentia A, et al, 2009). f83 is the symbol of chicken meat on ALLERGO DISCS. Cross-reactivity may probably be found within the poultry group such as goose, squab and turkey. Armentia A, et al (2006) provided evidence, based on in vivo and in vitro tests, that subjects highly sensitized to Anisakis simplex can detect the presence of Anisakis species allergens in chicken meat. Chicken feed usually has a high proportion of fishmeal, which might possibly be contaminated by this nematode. Physicians should be aware of the presence of chicken allergy without concomitant feather or egg allergy, particularly in adults.


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