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Dictionary of Allergies .. oversulphated chondroitin sulphate (OSCS)

OSCS may contaminate heparin, some lots of which  were associated with anaphylactic like reactions. There are some reports of deaths  after large doses of intravenous heparin administration (1, 2). The observed clinical adverse events have been attributed to the link between OSCS and  the activation of the contact system. It has been proposed Low-molecular weight heparins obtained by chemical and enzymatic depolymerization of heparin are also concerned. OSCS can directly activate the kinin–kallikrein pathway in human plasma, which can lead to the generation of bradykinin, a potent vasoactive mediator. In addition, OSCS induced generation of C3a and C5a, potent anaphylatoxins derived from complement proteins (3,4).

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