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Carrot allergy

Μητρούσιας Νικόλαος
Ωτορινολαρυγγολόγος, Λάρισα

Carrot [(L) Daucus carota], Kαρώτο. Vegetable of the Umbelliferae family which can act as a phototoxic agent. Carrot allergy may cause urticaria, asthma, sporadically anaphylactic shock and contact dermatitis on the fingers of housewives.

Carrot allergens are often heat labile and boiled carrots thus induce fewer symptoms than row. Hypersensitivity to carrot has been linked together with allergy to potato, birch pollen and apple[4]. Hypersensitivity to carrot is frequently associated with allergy to Apiaceae spices and sensitization to birch and mugwort pollens[1]. Airborne carrot allergens are able to sensitize without the implication of a previous pollen allergy. Dau c 1 has been described as  a band of 30 kd that looks like the predominant allergen.

Patients can be sensitized directly from carrot allergens.. Allergy to carrot in patient some patients seems to be related to their allergy to different pollens, but not related to birch pollen. Mediterranean countries didn't show the same patterns of food-related pollen allergy than Nordic countries [2].

Ballmer-Weber BKet al, (2005) described that ninety-eight percent of the carrot-allergic patients were positive to at least one recombinant allergen; 98% reacted to rDau c 1.0104, 65% to rDau c 1.0201, 38% to rDau c 4 and 20% had IgE against CCD. Specificity using the recombinant allergens was high when compared with non-allergic controls, but low compared with birch-sensitized subjects without carrot allergy. Sensitization to Dau c 1.0201, however, proved to be highly specific for clinically relevant sensitization. Inhibition assays indicated the absence of LTP in carrot root extract, and epitope diversity between Dau c 1.0104, Dau c 1.0201 and Bet v 1. Their  panel of recombinant allergens from carrot can provide a standardized tool for in vitro diagnosis of carrot allergy, and for epitope studies[3]. f31 is the symbol of carrot allergen in RAST.


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